“We have two lives.
The second begins when we realize we only
have one.”

- Confucius


Unlocking The Next Chapter In Your Life

You are one decision away from an entirely different life.

You can either resist the urge and take the easy route or create the life you want to live.

At Act2, we help you birth the new. YOU. One small step at a time.

We did not choose our birth. We may have also sleep-walked into our vocation or career. But now at midlife, we have the choice on whom we want to become. What kind of a life we want to live. The time is NOW. To transition from just making a living into making a life.

Whether you intend to transition from a long and successful career to the life of an entrepreneur or launch a project that has always been close to your heart, or start a small movement to help others, or start a podcast, or even write a book. We are here to help you get started.

What We Do

Through our immersion, mentorship and coaching programs we:

Take you on a journey of self-discovery

Help you discover what makes you come alive

Assist you to co-create and design the life you want to live

Help you shape your Act2

Help you take the initial steps towards this creation and guide you along this journey

Our Tribe

Who is Act2 For?

Are you in your midlife who after a long, successful career now want to do something different that gives you meaning and purpose in the next phase of your lives? You may :



Be looking to reinvent yourselves and create the life you’ve always wanted to live.



Care about serving others through your creation - be it a business you want to launch, a movement, a project, a podcast or even a book/blog post that you’ve always wanted to write.


Make Impact

Not care about building the next Unicorn (a billion-dollar company) or a start-up but care enough about impact to others and the legacy you want to leave behind.

Join us to discover how you can bring the above to life and create the new YOU!

Our Tribe

People We Care to Serve

Age between 35-75

College educated/professional

Worked for more than 2 decades

Financially Comfortable


Enjoys art, theatre, good food, travel etc.


Sophisticated - reads, articulates ideas well

Married/Single, Children are independent

In search of the second wind or second act

Found the next act but not sure where or when to begin or how

Want to build a new community

Our Programs

  • Your story
  • The Emergent Self
  • Discovering Flow
  • Designing The Designer
  • The Fluid Persona
Designing Your Life
  • Creating the new version of you
  • Life Design - the life you want to live
  • Crafting your story
Creating your ACT2
  • Initiating
  • Iteration
  • Implementation
  • Readiness & Next Steps
  • Dealing with Uncertainty

Outcomes You Can Expect From the Program

The nature of all our Act2 programs is different from the traditional “training” programs.

The program delivery is structured around knowledge, questions and discussions and is designed to guide and provoke you within to as you enable change to happen.

Ours is a safe environment. Learning is voluntary and you will get out of the program as much effort as you put in.

Importantly the program provides tools and first principles that you can employ repeatedly to bring whatever you want closer to your reach. However, should you fail, the tools you learn will keep the failure small, and help you learn from it.

You will make new connections. Get new ideas. Start new projects/ventures. Get Unstuck!

Program Details

  • 2 Days
  • 6-8 Hours Per Day
MY1,200 per pax
Designing Your Life
  • 2.5 Days
  • 6-8 Hours Per Day
  • Starts on Friday Evening
MY1,500 per pax
Creating your ACT2
  • 5 weeks
  • 2 Sessions Per Week
  • 3 Hours Per Day
MYR5,500 per pax

Starting In October 2022

All programs will be held virtually (online). Discounts available for groups of 3 or more. Please contact us for information.

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Our Founders


Dash Dhakshinamoorthy


Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam

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